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Simone Saimon Rossi

Founder, art director and performer

(stilts, fire, LED)

When they ask me how my career as a fire artist started, I always answer: "At the age of ten I saw the movie The Raven, you know the scene in which he draws the raven with gasoline and then sets it on fire? The next day I was in the living room making drawings with alcohol and burning them to see the shapes! I recommend you don't do it! "

I graduated as an actor at Teatro Prova in Bergamo and then I continued my studies with an internship in Teatro Tascabile of Bergamo specializing in Indian dance Bharatanatyam style and stilt dancing.

For over 12 years I have been dedicating myself to my passion: fire for show and animation. In my company I am a juggler and dancer with fire, juggler and dancer with LED, I also deal with all the logistical, administrative, and artistical aspects.

I also cooperate with the prestigious companies Corona Events and Nu'Art as fire performer and stilt dancer.
I am dark, impenetrable and mysterious. A Scorpio in all respects.

Maria Zocchi


I have always been fascinated by fire, until I met the man who would become my husband, Saimon, who introduced me to fire itself and shared his passion with me.

I trained as a pianist at the conservatory of Teramo, and I continued my studies in electronic music at the conservatory of Brescia. For more than 15 years I have been composing music for events, art exhibitions and events, I also compose all the music for our juggling shows with fire and juggling with LEDs.

Giada Cervone


(stilts, fire, aerial)

I met Saimon in Qatar, where we worked together in the Aspire Lake Festival for the Corona Events company. There started not only a working collaboration, but also a deep friendship, which led us to work together and to always design new types of shows.


I graduated from the SPID Professional Academy in Milan in 2011 where I studied dance, singing and acting, then I specialized in circus arts (tissues, hoop, fire, stilts, fencing, single-horn siren .. ). I begin my professional career with the tour of Peter Pan The Musical, with M. Frattini, the direction of M. Colombi and the production of T. Sistina in Rome and with Jesus Christ Superstar with Ted Neeley, the Negrtita and the direction of M.R. Piparo on tour in Italy and Europe.


I worked as a performer in the Canary Islands, worked at the Leolandia Minitalia Park for several summer seasons, in Milan Expo 2015 as a performer for P. Orfei, in Gardaland as an aerial acrobat and dancer, I work permanently in the Corona Events company and I have participated in private events and not, in all of Italy, in Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium, Romania, Russia, Qatar, India and Latvia. In the 2018 season I worked as an aerialist at Mirabilandia.

I teach and teach aerial dance workshops.

Veronica Borgo

Children's entertainer and face painting

The course of events is sometimes strange ... I started collaborating with Saimon by chance: I replaced a colleague who could not work, and from that moment we started working together, we found ourselves very well both from the point of view personal and professional.


Everyone likes to play: there is no age limit that establishes the age of fun, even if the game, for the child, as well as being the means by which the soul opens itself to naive, natural and spontaneous joy, is also an opportunity for growth, learning and discovery of the world (but also of one's emotions).


When I became a mother, I rediscovered this playful dimension, this magnificent moment of encounter between parent and child: it was a forgotten part of me, as often happens to many people, when they enter the "adult" world and let themselves be swallowed up by the many duties of the daily life and work responsibilities.


The party is an important moment in the life of each of us: it is a real meeting place, physical and mental, where more people get together to share something precious.

It can be a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding: a day where being together takes on added value, if the activities are designed specifically to mark the joy of that moment, to allow all participants to socialize, create harmony and shared memories .

Emanuela Camozzi

Performer (aerialist, dancer)

I started out as an actress, in fact I have been working in theater for many years, also attending dance classes and experimenting with different genres.


In 2012 I got intrigued by aerial skills, and since then it has been love on the first flight!

I started to follow more and more in-depth courses, with international circus masters.


Since 2016 I am a teacher of aerial dance in the province of Brescia, and I also collaborate with Azure Italy as a teacher.


I am not content to do simple aerial dance performances, but above all I also look for the theatrical part that dance can express.

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